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DSA Badminton Lesson Free Trial Sign Up

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 HIS01 (5-7 years old, Saturday, 9-11am) 
 HIS02 (8-10 years old, Saturday, 9-11am) 
 HIS03 (11-13+ years old, Saturday, 11am-1pm) 
 HIS04 (14+ years old, Saturday, 11am-1pm) 
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DSA Badminton Health Measures Arrangements (MUST READ)

1.Upon a successful registration, please ensure that you have downloaded and filled in the Health Declaration Form and fax to 34622625 or email to: Info@dreamsports.com.hk
2.Parents or guardians will not be allowed inside the school but can drop their child at Harrow School Gate One and pick them up after the class.
3.There will be enough DSA staff to look after the pupils before, during and after the class.
4.DSA will place a Health Care Station outside Harrow School Gate One for: Temperature check (coaches, pupils & DSA staff), Health Declaration Presentation, Hand Sanitizer etc…
5.All pupils must wear their mask at all times except during the training (but pupils can decide to have their mask on during the training).
6.All coaches & staff will be wearing masks at all times.
7.All equipment will be sanitized before and after each class.
8.Pupils can choose to bring their own racquet but DSA will be providing a temporary racquet in case of a Free Trial Out and a free brand-new racquet in case of signing up for the Regular Badminton Class or Camps.
9.The number of pupils per badminton court will be limited to 4 persons ONLY. So, the registration will be based on first come first serve option.
10.Each pupil MUST bring his/her own water bottle alone.
Please tick if you agree with the declaration and Health Measures Arrangements *
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Schedule for Badminton Regular Progromme Every Saturday



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